Joining The Team


Thinking about joining our team?


We are seeking individuals and organisations who are interested in working as part of the ESP Team.


If you or your organisation has the skills, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to put your abilities to use, please let us know!

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors and we are looking for professional team members with all skills to provide training and consultancy services.


There is no obligation for individual trainers and consultants to sign any contract or agreement. We work with the majority of our trainers and consultants on a ‘fair play’ basis which works well for both parties, but you can work on a contract basis if you prefer.

Contact us and discuss your options.





How to join us

Contact us and ask to speak to Rennie May, or download the application form (below) complete it and send it to us;


Trainer and Consultant Application

How much does ESP pay?

We pay you at a daily rate based on what you agree with us.

Am I signing my life away?

There is no obligation to sign any form of contract or agreement with us, but if you want to do this, we have a membership contract available.

Do I have to generate the work?

No - We negotiate client work from half a day to several months.

What we do for you

As a member of our team, we would agree with you the training and consultancy you would like to deliver, where, when, and the fee you would like. We advertise your services and your training sessions to our client base in education and commerce in the regions where we operate (mainly, but not exclusively, in the north of England).


We provide you with a complete event management service – we book and pay the venues, handle all the delegate booking and financial transactions and keep you up up date with information about the events you are delivering.


We can also provide duplication services for material you need for your sessions, (at a small charge to cover our costs) and have them delivered to the venue if required.

We will share all feedback from delegates with you and pay you promptly.


What we expect you to do for us

In return we expect you to deliver the training your agreed to the best of your ability. We also expect that you will play fair with us if you are approached during an event we have organised and asked about follow up training or consultancy, and refer the contact to us.

This nearly always means more work for you with none of the organizational hassle.


Fees you are paid for follow up work will be agreed with you directly before we negotiate with the client, and if we cannot come to an agreement with you and the client, you are free to negotiate with them directly.



Am I able to increase/decrease work?

You are under no obligation regarding the amount of work you do as a team member and can stop working with us at any time.

Where do I obtain Trainer T&C's?

The contract terms and conditions available below are for trainers and consultants who would prefer to work with us on the basis of an agreed operating contract. As with all contracts you are advised to seek legal advice before you sign.


T&C's For Employment of Consultants


T&C's For Employment of Trainers

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Your training material is yours absolutely and we claim no rights over it at all. The only exception is if we commission specific training material.


If you still want a contract based agreement with us that’s fine – but talk to us first!


Who Are ESP

Courses For


ESP is a One Awards Accredited Training Centre providing high quality professional services mainly to schools and child care settings across the UK.

ESP offers a full range of outstanding, innovative professional training and related services founded on an internationally recognized and proven reputation for excellence and success.

  • Early Years
  • Local Authority
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Special Schools

Head Office

109-111 Parliament Road, Middlesbrough TS1 4JE


01642 803454


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